Outstanding progress

"However, from their typically low starting points and disrupted educational histories, pupils make outstanding progress." - Ofsted, February 2018

Quality of provision is outstanding

"Leaders relentlessly focus on ensuring that pupils are at the centre of everything that happens at the school. As a result, they have ensured that the quality of provision is outstanding." - Ofsted, February 2018

Relentless Care

"The quality of teaching is outstanding. Teachers skilfully balance ‘relentless care’ with high expectations of what pupils can achieve. In particular, the leadership and teaching of English is exceptional." - Ofsted, February 2018

Welcome to The Southover Partnership School

Southover Partnership School is an independent special day school for pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder and other complex needs. It is situated on three sites in the London boroughs of Brent, Barnet and Enfield.

All pupils have education, health and care plans and are placed by a wide range of local authorities. Typically, the pupils placed at the school have significantly disrupted educational histories.

Our work at Southover is underpinned by the principles of attachment theory.

What we stand for

We are passionate about inspiring and empowering everyone in our community by:

•Embracing individuality
•Encouraging growth
•Striving for achievement for everyone,
•Providing a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment

What we do:

At The Southover Partnership School our aim is to inspire and empower every young person to flourish. To achieve this we:

  • Assess each child and family’s individual needs in relation to education
  • Build a personalised learning programme for each child that re-engages them with education positively
  • Work closely with families to build trust and confidence in pupils so that learning will flourish
  • Set high (but manageable) expectations of work and behaviour for our pupils
  • Provide each student with a key worker to support and mentor their academic and social learning
  • Provide small classes – usually 2 adults to 1 student or 3 adults to 2 students
  • Provide flexibility to allow for students reconnecting with learning either on entry or in other periods when circumstances means they are not on a Ready to Learn pathway.
  • Offer external accreditation to pupils for further learning which includes: A and AS levels, GCSEs, Level 1 and 2, Entry Levels and other vocational qualifications
  • Achieve outstanding examination results because we have expert staff
  • Achieve very good outcomes – socially, emotionally and educationally. We teach skills and learning behaviours that our children can use and apply in all aspects of their lives as they grow towards adulthood

To find out more about our approach on our learning, curriculum and therapies page and find out how attachment theory underpins all our principles.

Small school model

We follow a small school model because we believe it delivers the best outcomes for our students. Our 3 sites allow us to keep student numbers small. This means each school community gets to deeply know and understand its members and gives students the opportunity to be more directly involved in their own education. It allows us to apply principles of attachment theory, encourage our students to grow, and give a truly personalised and holistic education experience.

We are a warm and truly inclusive school and welcome visits so you can experience first hand our unique educational offering.

Merushka Hansraj
Executive Headteacher


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