Video transcript: Karen Gubbay explains how our respite care works.

Karen Gubbay, Deputy Headteacher, The Southover Partnership

We work really closely with not just the child and the school, but with their family as well, to make sure we give them the best education possible, and the best provision for them. That might be in some cases going to the child’s home and teaching them at home, it might be in other cases giving them half a term or a term in our respite provision. We have respite provisions on several sites and we can take them to one of those and just give everyone some breathing space. I think the main keys to our success is the fact that we work very closely with the child, the school and their family, so that everyone is very much in communication with each other on a daily basis. And also we are very flexible in terms of the offering we’re able to give, so a child might be with us for one morning a week doing a vocational activity or an experiential activity. They might be with us every morning for half a term or for a term, or they might be with us full-time for a fixed period of time. So we are able both time-wise and the nature of the curriculum to be very flexible and to tailor make it for the child.

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