Video transcript: Josh tells us how being a student at Southover transformed his life.

Joshua, Student, The Southover Partnership School

I’m Joshua, I’m year 11 and my teacher assistant is Jason. Most kids like us, most kids ADHD and autism, we can’t sit still for very long, so being able to leave the class with permission of your teachers, yeah, it’s good for the kid. I used to be a devil, my behaviour’s changed. I’m calm, but I never used to be calm. Ask Lori, well she never used to be here, ask Dez or Callum – they knew me when I first came here – I was bad.  But it’s not that I wanted to be bad, it was just a habit. Before I used to think I didn’t really care about what happened to me in the future, or about the here and now. Nowatimes I just think if I get good grades I’ll get a good job in the future.

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