Video transcript: Annie McGowan explains what Southover Outreach provides.

So the outreach side of the Southover Partnership is part of the service that works with mainstream schools. We have consultants who go in and meet with staff in the schools, discuss the issues that the schools might be having, and then we have staff available who can go in and help them with their problems. So we have teaching assistants who can go in working with children on a one to one basis, or a group basis. We have teachers who can support tutors, right through to specialists and consultants. I think what we offer over and above agencies is the staff that you speak with initially, myself and my colleague, we are educationalists so we have had a lot of experience across the board in both mainstream and special education. I think that what we do which is different to agencies is that our staff are really passionate about children, they’re really passionate about their education, they really care about what happens to the children. We build relationships with both the children and with the staff in schools and people that use us tend to come back to us.

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