We offer consultancy in a range of areas to meet your SEND needs.

Here is a flavour of the areas that we can support you with:


SEND audits

We can carry out SEND audits to baseline your provision, and we will also develop your SEND action plan based on the outcome of the audit, to meet agreed goals for SEND provision in your school.


Structuring provision to meet the needs of SEND pupils

We’ll look at all aspects of your policy and practice to review the balance of your provision and assess whether it is meeting the needs of your SEND population.  We will also discuss the difference between SEND and underachievement and how the needs of these distinct groups of pupils can be met.


Developing whole school behaviour policy and practice

The aim will be to minimise the effect on pupil progress of both low level disruption and more serious behaviour incidents.  We’ll also provide your staff with training so they can continue to develop excellent practice in relation to effective behaviour management.


Creating a dyslexia friendly school

This will benefit all pupils who experience literacy difficulties. We’ll focus on creating multi-sensory activities in all aspects of learning, and work with staff to build their skills and confidence in meeting the needs of pupils with specific learning difficulties.


Creating an autism friendly school

Our aim is to give staff the skills and confidence to adapt practice to meet the needs of children with autism. We will introduce a variety of strategies that will benefit all children by providing structure and routine to learning. Staff will also learn how to meet the needs of those with more complex autism needs. Ongoing support can also be included.


Creating a communication friendly school

This is vitally important as more children are entering school with lower than expected levels of speaking and listening. We’ll work with your staff to build their expertise in recognising children with receptive and expressive language delay and teach strategies to make classroom practice more inclusive.


Effective deployment of teaching assistants

This is essential to ensure all children make best progress. Through an audit of your practice and consultation with teachers and teaching assistants, we’ll draw up an action plan to identify areas for development. Our experts will support you every step of the way in implementing the action plan and will provide training for TAs and teachers to support the effective implementation of the plan. The consultancy includes developing collaborative working policies.