Support in School

Support In School

The Southover Partnership is proud of the achievement and successful work which is constantly carried out by the Support Services Team. Hundreds of children who have special educational needs (SEN) have benefitted and been helped to achieve their potential whilst clients consistently show their appreciation by consistently returning to request the services of both our teachers and teaching assistants.

Our highly professional staff are hand picked by our experienced SEN managers to meet the individual needs of each pupil and then their work is regularly monitored by the management team. All staff are vetted, interviewed and receive regular training and everyone joining The Southover Partnership, even those with many years experience, undergo regular safeguarding training.

We work with pupils who have any form of special educational needs or disability. These include, for example students with global delay, autism, ADHD, hearing and visual impairment and many will have complex needs. As our work is tailored to meet the needs of each and every one of our pupils, we have the opportunity to liaise with the school staff and find creative solutions where required.

We work with pupils of all ages in a variety of settings, both in the mainstream and independent sector. Placements include working in a children’s centre, primary schools, secondary schools, academies, preparatory schools sixth form colleges and home tuition. We also provide strategic management for, and work with, Senior Leadership Teams and SEN departments in schools to develop and enhance strategic management of inclusion. Our work is practical, highly innovative and recognised in many local authorities.

Recently, The Southover Partnership launched an exciting new multi-disciplinary Specialist Support Team to meet the growing demand for diversity of provision in schools. To compliment and add to the support that we have traditionally delivered to schools, we can now offer an even greater level of support in the form of consultation, assessment, coaching, training, observation and reports, action planning and respite provision for children who need that additional time and resources provided in an alternative placement in order to ensure their ultimate success in school.