We accept children who meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • Have an EHC Plan or Statement of Special Education Needs.
  • Are aged usually between 8-19 years of age.
  • Are in care.
  • Have experienced a fragmented school experience.
  • Are in need of educational provision that can be tailored to meet their individual needs.
  • Have challenging behaviour.
  • Are on the autistic spectrum.
  • Have a range of learning needs.

 Admission to The Southover Partnership School is via referral from a local authority or the child’s school for assistance with respite schooling. If you have any enquiries about admissions, or would like to visit the school, please contact the office on 020 8446 0300 or info@southoverpartnership.com.

This is the only school where this pupil has settled and has made a difference to her. Social Worker. Click here to see all testimonials.
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