SEN Teaching Assistants and Support Plans


How we can help

Our support plans include a combination the following services:


Provision of Special Needs Teachers, Tutors and Teaching Assistants

We hand-pick the best professionals to deliver support programmes. Our special needs teaching assistants work with individual or groups of children. Our special needs teachers and tutors plan and deliver individualised teaching programmes. We provide ongoing support, through regular contact and reviews, to both the school and staff once the placement has been made.

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Assessments of individual children

We believe that to get a comprehensive picture of a child’s needs we need to use a range of different tools. Our unique approach can include the following:

  • Observations of the child across a week in a mixture of settings.
  • Formal and informal conversations with the child in a mixture of settings.
  • Boxall profiling, SDQ Assessment (Behaviour), Maths and English assessments, Speech, Language and Communication Assessment.

 This is done in collaboration of the parents/carers, child and host school. The written assessment is accompanied by a range of follow-on possibilities for the child which include strategies for on-going support.

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Special Educational Needs Training and consultancy

Our management team has over 50 years of experience in special educational needs and various aspects of education. From this we draw best practice theory and practical examples to meet the needs of your children, staff and School Development Plan.

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Respite placements

We offer respite for children who need a break from their current school setting. Placements can be on-site in the child’s usual school, or off-site at home or at Southover School. We aim to successfully re-integrate pupil’s back into mainstream school.

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Home Tuition

This is often a short-term education offering to support the child/young person into a longer term educational setting. One of our strengths is reengaging young people who have become disaffected from education. During this process we work to ensure the child is progressing educationally, and we endeavour to support the child to develop emotional resilience in order to move forward into the next stage.

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Staff mentoring and coaching

Our experienced learning mentors work alongside school staff to support them in their teaching. This adds to their knowledge and supports the development of skills necessary to manage children with SEND in the long-term.

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Whole School Behaviour Programmes

We have a wealth of expertise and experience in planning, establishing and running positive behaviour management programmes.

Our staff

Our outreach team is made up of:

  • Special educational needs teaching assistants.
  • Specialist teachers.
  • Educational psychologists.
  • Learning mentors.
  • Speech and language teachers and therapists.

Every member of our team has:

  • An Enhanced Disclosure DBS.
  • Safeguarding questions in all interviews.
  • Confirmation of professional qualifications.
  • Professional references.
  • Regular in-house training, at least once a term.
  • Accredited training.
  • Ongoing senior management support.