Suggested Books

Suggested Books

Teaching the Unteachable: Practical ideas to give teachers hope and help when behaviour management strategies fail: What Teachers Can Do When All Else Fails by Marie Delaney.

Shattered Lives: Children Who Live with Courage and Dignity written by the amazing Camila Batmanghelidjh. This presents a series of letters to the young people she has worked with. These are real children, living in our here and now. I challenge anyone to be unaffected by its content. An absolute tour de force.

Urban Village Schools: The book that has had a profound influence on our work in the school is The Urban Village School by James Wetz (2010). A former secondary headteacher Wetz develops principles for changing the way we design and organise secondary schools to make the educational experience more human. The urban village school puts relationships at the centre of its organisation and design, learning from the factors that make for a successful childhood. This ground breaking book has made us at Southover rethink the way we plan our students’ experiences of education.

Attachment in the Classroom: Whether you work at The Southover Partnership School where we base our work on Attachment Theory or in any other school setting, this is a wonderfully accessible resource and definitely worth delving into. Although it is some time since this book was first published, the case studies bring Attachment Theory to life and enable us to understand the link between the early lives of the children we work with and the way they present in the classroom. The diagrams of the Learning Triangle are simple to understand, yet provide us with some clear explanations for the performance of troubled children of all ages. The importance of school to our most troubled children is explored. The final chapter encourages us to develop our reflective practice. I would thoroughly recommend this book.A Little Homework Reading, Anne Kazandjian Recommends…

Inside I’m hurting: This book came to our attention when we attended an INSET day presentation by Louise Bomber. The course and book seemed highly relevant to The Southover Partnership School philosophy as it is firmly based on supporting students from an attachment perspective. It is a ‘handbook’ for supporting staff in supporting students who have gone through multiple traumatic experiences of loss, trauma, abuse and neglect.  It is useful in advising on how students with attachment difficulties do not respond consistently well to behavioural modification techniques and emphasises the role of an additional attachment figure in schools, advising us on the  benefits and challenges getting alongside young people with attachment difficulties.  The book is written ‘on behalf of those children who struggle in school due to their early experiences of trauma & loss’.  It contains interesting and useful strategies and helps to link between the theory and our practice.