Teaching is Outstanding

“The quality of teaching is outstanding. Teachers skilfully balance ‘relentless care’ with high expectations of what pupils can achieve. In particular, the leadership and teaching of English is exceptional.” – Ofsted, February 2018


Learning Curriculum and Assessment

Approach to learning

At The Southover Partnership School we believe for a child to learn they need to have good self-esteem. This allows them to tackle challenges and take risks in their learning, as they know they can learn from their mistakes, and they feel confident to experiment in their work. Our expectations of pupil progress are very high at The Southover Partnership School and we aim to attain this by creating a team of specialist staff to support each child. At Southover we often work with 2 adults to 1 child, up to a maximum of 4 students per group. In addition to being subject specialists, all of The Southover Partnership School staff have a thorough knowledge of child development and attachment theory, which underpins our approach to learning and provision at The Southover Partnership School.

My curriculum

My Curriculum is The Southover Partnership School’s unique approach to giving each child an individually tailored programme of study. Teaching starts from a pupil’s interests and National Curriculum subjects are built around these. The key areas include: My Core skills, My Choices, My Creative Self, My Body and My Healthy Self, Myself and My Future Self.

My Curriculum continually develops knowledge and skills. It includes a range of work experience opportunities for all our older secondary students and ensures that there is a continuous focus on the development of communication and interaction skills.

Areas of learning and study include: Core National Curriculum subjects: English, Maths and Science. Additional National Curriculum subjects: Art and Photography, Astronomy, French, Geography, Geology, History, Latin and Spanish. Vocational subjects: Animation, Arts, Business Studies, Ceramics, Creative Craft, Drama, Employability Skills, Food and Hygiene, Music, Occupational Studies, Retail and Software Development. A wide variety of sports is offered across the year.

The use of ICT is embedded across all subjects and the curriculum is enhanced with day trips, gardening, cookery and creative activities like working with horses and motorcycle maintenance.


Therapeutic activities are embedded in our curriculum through creative arts such as Drama, Art and Photography as well as Equine Therapy, outdoor learning and gardening. These provide emotional and personal development for our learners. Our students and school also have access to a wide range of therapeutic services and specialists which allows us to build a holistic team around the child according to their individual needs.



Curriculum model