Exam Results and Accreditations

External verification confirms that there is very good evidence to show that, from very shaky starting points on entry to the school, the majority of students go on to achieve well at KS4 and KS5 and are able to move on to further education and training with good opportunities ahead of them.

All our students have access to a wide range of accreditation, and outcomes continue to be good due to the pathways to accreditation and the next phase of learning or training.  There is very good evidence of our pupils achieving an appropriate destination.

Exam results 2016-17

We are delighted to announce another year of examination success achieved by our students, in the Academic Year 2016/17. Our students all achieved the ‘expected progress’ on their learning plans, regardless of their needs, with many making ‘exceptional progress’. We have also continued the trend of our students progressing on to further education or apprenticeships.

GCSE Results

19 GCSEs were taken with 100% of students achieving A*- G grades and 67% of grades were passes at A* – C or the equivalent. Both students who took English Language achieved a strong pass or higher and four out of the six students who took Mathematics achieved a pass or above. Apart from English Language and Mathematics, subjects taken include Science, English Literature, Geography, History, ICT, Art and Design, Psychology, Religious Studies and Food Technology.

Students achieved A/S in mathematics.

Other Results

Accreditations were also achieved through Cambridge National Award, Btec Level 2, Digital Applications Level 1 and 2, Functional Skills (English and Maths) Level 1 and 2, NCFE qualifications and Entry Level qualifications.

Click here for details of accreditations  2015 – 2017.

Kingsbury School
Deputy head: Karen Gubbay
The Southover Partnership School
Kingsbury Manor, 288 Kingsbury Road,
Roe Green Park,
London NW9 9HA
Finchley School
Deputy head: Heather Ellis
The Southover Partnership School
Finchley Progressive Synagogue
54 Hutton Grove
London N12 8DR
Southgate School
Deputy head: Jenny Merryweather
The Southover Partnership School
Southgate Progressive Synagogue
75 Chase Road
London N14 4QY