Outcomes are Excellent

“The curriculum is truly bespoke to meet the individual needs of pupils. Leaders and teachers produce highly effective personalised learning programmes. As a result, pupils’ outcomes are excellent. ” – Ofsted, February 2018


Curriculum Model

The pupils at The Southover Partnership School have complex needs. When fully engaged (Ready to Learn pathway), the curriculum offer covers the full National Curriculum as well as vocational and work related learning, independent living and social and communication skills. The Southover Partnerhip School has established partnerships with The College of Northwest London, College of North East London, Barnet and Southgate College, First Rung, Strength in Horses, Access to Learning, Sweet Tree Farming and other partners to provide extended 14 – 19 curriculum opportunities for our students. In addition to the academic and vocational curriculum, the students’ individualised timetables provide opportunities for pupils to withdraw from some lessons to participate in therapy sessions with Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech and Language Therapy SaLT and other therapies like Equine Therapy.

Ready to Learn (R2L)

14-19 Subject Details – click here

Reconnecting with Learning (RwL)

Where students are unable to or are struggling with engaging with their ready to learn timetable, the curriculum content is modified with more weighting given to therapeutic and skills elements in form, content and setting of provision. The aim is to get them on to (if new starters) or back on to the Ready to Learn pathway. Assessment while students are on this pathway will be more formative than summative, focus on skills developed, acknowledge small steps in better managing anxiety and allow more frequent opportunities for students’ self assessment.

Supporting Literacy and Numeracy

From September 2017, we will be introducing success maker as a core part of the curriculum to support the progress of students who are behind age expectations in English and Mathematics.