Truly Effective

“Leaders oversee a truly effective provision which successfully enables pupils with a range of complex needs to re-engage with education and make outstanding progress. ” – Ofsted, February 2018


Our Approach to Assessment

We have established personalised individualised curriculum planning that:

  • Combines academic learning with therapeutic curriculum elements
  • Indicates individual starting points with robust baseline evidence
  • Provides opportunities and mechanisms for assessing progress on national curriculum, Social Mental and Emotional Health (SEMH) and Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) outcomes
  • Sets skills targets agreed at beginning of each academic year with students & parents/carers – progress reviewed termly with students.
  • Makes assessment criteria explicit and indicates how progress will be assessed
  • Indicates next steps in learning
  • Allows evidencing of small steps including student’s green pen self correction in response to the teacher’s feedback across all levels of work
  • Evidenced also with photographs, audio etc.
  • Ensures students self review targets on their EHCP termly using Goal Achievement Scales
  • Collates subject assessments over a series time to show progression
  • Reviewed with therapists where applicable
  • Is shared and reviewed termly with students and parents and placed in their ‘My Curriculum’ Folder
  • Is robustly monitored by senior leaders
  • Contributes to School Self Evaluation

Our Response to Assessment without levels and new QCA framework

  • From September 2017, we will retain our approach, method and use of assessments but will base the mechanisms, reporting and targeted interventions around Pearson’s Support for Progression 11 -16,  personalised to fit our students’ profiles. Click here for more details.
  • Assessment approaches for therapeutic curriculum elements and for tracking progress on EHCP outcomes remain the same.
  • Emphasis on opportunities for student self assessments remain the same


Pathways Curriculum Model