Very Good Academic Progress

“Pupils make excellent progress in their social, thinking and communication skills, and emotional well-being. This crucial progress underpins pupils’ readiness for learning and enables them to make up for lost time with very good academic progress. ” – Ofsted, February 2018



At The Southover Partnership School we welcome and accept children who meet one or more of the following criteria: •  Have an EHC Plan or Statement of Special Education Needs. •  Are aged usually between 9 -19 years of age. •  Are in care. •  Have experienced a fragmented school experience. •  Are in need of educational provision that can be tailored to meet their individual needs. •  Have challenging behaviour. •  Are on the autistic spectrum. •  Have a range of learning needs. Admission to The Southover Partnership School is via referral from a local authority or the child’s school for assistance with EOTAS schooling. If you have any enquiries about admissions, or would like to visit the school, please contact the office on 020 8446 0300 or

Admissions Process

Local Authority sends referral papers.

Executive Headteacher, Heads’ of Schools and other specialists consider papers and make initial decision as to whether we can meet the student’s needs and on which site.

Initial decision is communicated to the Local Authority.

Contact is made with parents/carers and a tour and visit to the school is booked.

If families are happy to continue, school will carry out further assessments as needed and/or invite the child into school for taster days and an informal assessment.

The Southover Partnership School makes a placement offer if deemed appropriate and informs the Local Authority with provision details and costings.

If placement is agreed, then the Local Authority will name The Southover Partnership School on the child’s EHCP.

Parents agree transport arrangements with Local Authority if required

The student and parents/carers will be sent a welcome pack.

A home visit is arranged where necessary and a transition plan put in place.

Kingsbury School
Head of School: Maria Newman
The Southover Partnership School
Kingsbury Manor, 288 Kingsbury Road,
Roe Green Park,
London NW9 9HA
Finchley School
Head of School: Heather Ellis
The Southover Partnership School
Finchley Progressive Synagogue
54 Hutton Grove
London N12 8DR
Southgate School
Head of School: Jenny Merryweather
The Southover Partnership School
Southgate Progressive Synagogue
75 Chase Road
London N14 4QY