Head office & Kingsbury School Site:
The Southover Partnership, Kingsbury Manor, 288 Kingsbury Road, Roe Green Park, London NW9 9HA

Phone: 020 8446 0300
Email: info@southoverpartnership.com

Finchley School Site: The Southover Partnership,  Finchley Progressive Synagogue, 54 Hutton Grove, London N12 8DR

Southgate School Site: The Southover Partnership, Southgate Progressive Synagogue, 75 Chase Road, London N14 4QY

Admissions: Merushka Hansraj on 020 8446 0300 or at admissions@southoverpartnership.com

Southover Outreach and Home Tuition Services: Nia Wheatley or Heather Stephens on 020 8446 0300 or at info@southoverpartnership.com

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    The Southover Partnership
    Kingsbury Manor
    288 Kingsbury Road
    Roe Green Park
    London NW9 9HA

    The Southover Partnership
    Finchley Progressive Synagogue
    54 Hutton Grove
    London N12 8DR

    The Southover Partnership
    Southover Progressive Synagogue
    75 Chase Road
    London N14 4QY