Carol Frankl

Carol Frankl

Founder and Managing Director

Recognised as being at the cutting edge of her field, Carol Frankl is a leading personality of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) industry. Founder of The Southover Partnership, a regular SEN speaker, an Ofsted Inspector and a provider of SEN training and consultancy, Carol is first and foremost a passionate educator.

With over 30 years experience in special education, Carol strongly adheres to a constructive and encouraging educational environment. She maintains that every act matters as one doesn’t know which act is going to impact on a child at any time. Every minute of every day should be a positive experience for the child. Her passion stems from her own childhood where a sole act by one teacher taught her to believe in herself.

Inspired by this teacher, Carol stepped into the field of education and hasn’t looked back. After qualifying as a teacher, Carol taught PE and “remedial education”, as it was then called, at Walthamstow School for Girls. She soon after progressed to Head of Special Tuition in the London Borough of Enfield.

Motivated by the Warnock Report, released in 1978, Carol established the in-school support service in Enfield. She claimed that one should follow Baroness Warnock’s recommendations and attempt to meet pupils’ needs in mainstream schools. Enfield was arguably one of the first boroughs in the country to begin this trend. It is now acknowledged nationwide.

It was not long before Carol recognised the necessity of targeted funding for special needs, a measure which was not yet offered. Carol swung into action and The Southover Partnership was swiftly established in 1994. The service began by offering a select group of students support in school and some at-home tuition. It soon extended to providing full time education to these students. The Southover Partnership, or Southover as it’s been nicknamed, has since developed into one of the UK’s leading and independent special needs organisations.

Carol’s goal for The Southover Partnership is to enable all children to achieve. In order to do this the organisation champions not only its young people but also its staff. Southover promotes a warm and nurturing environment with the aim of enriching all those who are a part of the team, whether an educator or a learner.

In addition to her devotion to The Southover Partnership, Carol is an Ofsted inspector in Primary and special schools in the independent sector and is engaged in speaking at conferences on the subject of SEN. In addition Carol delivers SENCO accredited training for the Institute of Education, London. She also delivers SEN related work in local authorities and provides training and consultancy to special schools on all aspects of school improvement.

A UK national, Carol Frankl was born in London in 1952 and holds a Cert.Ed, B.ED and an MA in Education from the University of London. She enjoys sailing, the gym, swimming and Pilates. Carol is married to Maurice, and has two children, Julia and Paul.

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