The Southover Partnership is one of the UKs leading independent and managed Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) organisations. We are renowned experts in SEN and are passionate about children, learning and teaching. Our dedication to helping children achieve is seen in everything we do. We are committed to providing exceptional and tailored services for each child we teach.

What we do

The Southover Partnership comprises two core services:

  1. The Southover Partnership school – Based across three sites in London.
  2. Southover Outreach services – Support in schools & Education Other Than At School (EOTAS)

The Southover Partnership history

The Southover Partnership was born in the summer of 1994 when Carol Frankl made the decision to start up her own company focusing on special educational needs.

She launched the company from her home and named it The Southover Partnership: Southover being her place of residence; Partnership because Carol was adamant that her company would be a collaboration between all parties involved.

Southover initially emerged from Carol’s disillusionment with the mechanisms for funding special needs and her passion that each child should have a positive educational experience. At the time there were many grant maintained schools that didn’t have access to local authority services due to the method of funding by central government. The Southover Partnership aimed to ensure special educational needs provision could be met. The service began by offering a select group of students support in school and some at-home tuition. It swiftly extended to providing full-time education to these students.

Carol expanded Southover’s services and recruited the highest calibre staff to assist in schools as well as at home. Carol’s outstanding reputation in the education sector put her in demand to provide training and consultancy for SENCOs and schools. So great were the requests for Southover’s servicesprovisions that Carol formed her own school for children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and autism.

The Southover Partnership school was officially recognised by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in August 2007, with the first inspection taking place in June 2008. This was a huge achievement for Carol, and a real adventure, as prior to this point much of the education for children out of school was provided by local authorities. The Southover Partnership was soon recognised as a leading provider of alternative special needs education.

“I keep on thinking about the great work of students, commitment of staff and also the vision to provide holistic education. The Southover Partnership is a unique project; please extend my congratulations to Carol Frankl and to the staff.” Councillor Zakia Zubairi, Colindale Ward. Click here to see all our testimonials.
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