The Southover Partnership is a multi-faceted educational organisation whose goal is to provide relentless care and give all children a future through education.

At The Southover Partnership we are passionate about children’s teaching and learning and are renowned experts in the area of SEN.

We have three Southover Partnership school sites, an outreach support service for schools and local authorities and a service for providing education for children other than at school. This provides a unique position that gives us the depth of knowledge and skills to adapt to the needs of children and young people, no matter what their circumstances may be.


Education for students with autism, social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties or those at risk of exclusion.


Tailored one-to-one and group tuition in school or at home.


Day respite options for pupils who need a short break from their current education setting.


Finchley Secondary School Site
The Southover Partnership School, Finchley Progressive Synagogue, 54 Hutton Grove, London N12 8DR

Southgate Secondary School Site
The Southover Partnership School, Southgate Progressive Synagogue, 75 Chase Road, London N14 4QY

Kingsbury Secondary School Site
The Southover Partnership School, Kingsbury Manor, 288 Kingsbury Road, Roe Green Park, London NW9 9HA

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