We are passionate about learning. Our goal is to give all children a future through education. We are renowned experts in the area of SEND. As one of the UK’s leading independent special needs schools and educational support services we have a unique ability to offer a full range of support to children and schools.

Southover Partnership School

Education for students with autism, social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties or those at risk of exclusion.


Tailored one-to-one and group tuition in school or at home.


Day respite options for pupils who need a short break from their current education setting.

Training and consultancy

SEN training, advice and support for schools, local authorities and professionals.


Finchley Secondary School Site
The Southover Partnership, Finchley Progressive Synagogue, 54 Hutton Grove, London N12 8DR

Southgate Secondary School Site
The Southover Partnership, Southgate Progressive Synagogue, 75 Chase Road, London N14 4QY

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